Clickbank University Review – The Best Training Resource For Creating and Marketing Your Product from Scratch

Clickbank University Review
  • A Complete Training Center
  • High-quality Training Videos
  • Lots of Relevant Information


Clickbank University is an e-training platform which was designed to help affiliate marketers create and sell their digital products. The product was developed after seventeen years of research by Tim and Eileen Barber.

Clickbank UniversityDo you have an excellent idea based on your hobbies, passions, or interests and you want to turn that into an outstanding digital product?

Well, creating a digital product is easy if you have the right tools and expertise, but making money out of it is not.

There are quite a few hundred digital products coming up every day, and the market is growing increasingly competitive every single day.

Clickbank is an online platform which facilitates independent marketers to sell their digital products using their affiliate software program.

While the idea is to help people promote their products and get a percentage of the total sales generated, there is no formal training that the affiliate software developer offers to the affiliate marketers.

Clickbank University successfully addressed the issue and their formal training sessions have been proven effective for affiliate marketers who want to use Clickbank for earning money.

CB University has really stood out as a decent knowledge resource for marketers who want to sell their digital products.

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What Is Clickbank University?

Clickbank University is an e-training platform which was designed to help affiliate marketers to create and sell their digital products.

The product was developed after seventeen years of research by Tim and Eileen Barber, who wanted to close the gap between digital solution creators and the consumers.

If you are into Clickbank affiliate marketing, this amazing training program can guide you through the steps to create your online business, or a digital product, or something which has the potential to find a niche for itself.

This is where you can learn affiliate marketing.

Here are the salient features at a glance.

  1. A Complete Training Center: Clickbank University’s primary training center focuses solely on creation of a product from scratch, which makes it stand out from the rest of the ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes, whatever that means. Product creation for a successful online process is a painstakingly difficult, but you need to get past this phase to make your product sellable.
  2. Additional Earning Opportunity: With Clickbank University, you can even earn more money if you have a solid email database for email marketing, and even more if you offer lucrative incentives for the affiliates who want to sell your product.
  3. High-quality Training Videos: Well, this is where Clickbank University put all those YouTube training videos and self-help tutorials in shade. The videos I watched were particularly candid and very high-quality. You would get some real insights into how affiliate marketing and online marketing exactly work. You will eventually lean how to drive good traffic to your website and how to do affiliate marketing using Clickbank.
  4. Lots of Relevant Information: Clickbank University is one of largest resources online for everything you wanted to know about online marketing. The online training program has so much information that you would have plenty to stay busy all day, at least for the first few days. Beginners will immensely benefit from the materials available, and these resources are equally useful for intermediate-level digital marketers. In my opinion, if you have some experience in online marketing but have not found luck just as yet, the initial training modules might not be suitable for you and you can actually start benefitting from the later training modules.

The information you will get here on this training platform is a compilation of high-quality, solid and proven product creation, marketing and promotion methods.

Clickbank University’s approach is fundamentally different from that of Wealthy Affiliate.

While WA teaches you how to market your product, Clickbank University focuses on teaching you how to make your own product from scratch.

So you don’t learn any off-the-book or sketchy ‘make-money-easily’ schemes on this platform.

What’s In It For You?Clickbank University Product Image

You will learn how to choose a niche, and how to possibly refine your product idea.

The biggest plus of Clickbank University is that you don’t have to know coding, networking and don’t have to have the technical skills.

They also have this Clickbank Builder, which facilitates you to develop custom landing pages, and you can do it without typing a single code!

Isn’t it amazing?

Well, it actually is.

On the downside, you only get to learn how to build Clickbank products and how to market those products.

This limits your earning chances, as you can’t explore the vast multitude of options lying out there. Also, I found some of their statements totally self-contradictory.

What To Watch Out For?

I believe that they tried not to overwhelm the beginners, which is why they won’t allow you to access all then training materials at the first go.

You have to unlock the training materials one by one.

This essentially means that if you are able to learn quickly, you will still have to go slow.

The only way you can access all the modules is to pay for the yearly subscription plan, which is quite expensive.

So if you are not interested in spending a lot for learning the ABC of online marketing, you better go for some other program.

On the other hand, if you are a beginner, I would strongly recommend this system.

Should You Buy Clickbank University?

If you actually want to create your own product and promote it online, Clickbank University is an ideal option for you.

However, if you are an expert in this, CB University has little to offer to you.

This is particularly suitable for people who have just set foot in digital marketing, or are in the leering phase.

If you are looking for advanced affiliate marketing lessons, I think this is not a good training platform for you.

But if you are trying to find a niche, develop a product and roll it out for the first time, this one’s is surely an ideal option for you.

Also, the price of CB University was reduced very recently. Now you can just shell out $47 to enter the Beginner’s classroom, join the forum, listen to the university talks and much more.

You have to spend an additional $297 per year for using the Clickbank Builder, and to access the Advanced Master Classroom, you need to pay $97 for one time only.

My Verdict

In my honest opinion, CB University indeed offers some very useful, but a little overpriced information.

But every penny spent is well worth it because the information therein is indeed invaluable especially for beginners.

Spending $861 every year is kind of much for some people whereas there are other not so similar products which come up with advanced training materials at half the price.

Then again, if you are just starting out in the world of online marketing, or you have a great product idea, CB University is a GO for you!

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