Top 50 Companies That Offer Online Data Entry Jobs

No two words that makes online business newbies cringe than data entry. When these words cross their minds, they instantly think it is a scam.

Most individuals fear data entry jobs due to the existence of many mislabeled jobs advertisement that is meant to rip people off their hard earned money.

Data entry scam has been a hot topic over the internet for years now, however, amidst muck and grime there exist legit and trusted companies that offer real online data entry jobs.

Examples of Data Entry Online Jobs

Physical to Digital Data Entry

This may involve entering data from books, magazines or any other hard copy document to a digital platform such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Star Office, Google Docs or any other online database.

Image to Text

This involves entering symbols, numbers or texts appearing on an image into certain online platform or software.

Format Conversion

A good example is conversion of PDF to Ms. Word document

Voice to Text

This is also referred to as transcription which involves a conversion of a sound/speech to a written document.


This a data entry job in which documents are converted from a given language to another


These are small projects which involve processing raw data to come up with actionable or useful information.

Data Entry Jobs Requirements

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  • Fast typing skills and speed – Preferred speed is normally over 50 words per minute.
  • Excellent research skill
  • Good attention to detail
  • Familiarity with data processing tools
  • Multitasking and organization abilities
  • Overall basic computer knowledge

So right about now, I’m going to share with you top 50 companies that offers online data entry jobs.

Note: I’ll keep updating this list from time to time. If you come across any company which isn’t legit, please drop it in the comment box and I’ll remove it from the list. Thanks.

Top Companies Offering Online Data Entry Jobs

1) Axion Data Entry services
Axion Data Entry Services

This is a company that allows you to register and be alerted when there are new data entry jobs from their clients.

They offer small tasks paying about 4 to 8 cents each while more complex tasks which involves activities such as intensive-research can range from $5 to $9 per processed document.

Axion pays for every approved task via PayPal bi-weekly.

2) CapitalTyping

Smart Business Solutions - Capital Typing

CapitalTyping a trusted company that offers various types of online tasks which include data entry.

Since the data entry jobs are not available through the year you can contact them via the online contact form so that they can alert you when jobs become available.

3) Clickworker


Clickworker offers a wide range of data entry jobs which includes web research, data categorization, data tagging and much more.

You can work at you own convenient time choosing from the available tasks on the jobs board.

Most click workers earn about $9 per hour but this depends on the complexity of the tasks as well as number of hours worked. For you to qualify as a clickworker you must be residing in the allowed countries.

4) DionData Solutions

DionData Solutions

DionData Solutions is a company that hires independent contractors to handle data entry tasks for their clients.

You can either work full time or part time and can manage several projects at a time. At the moment the company offers data entry jobs to US citizens only.

5) Fiverr

Fiverr Logo

Fiverr acts as a job board but instead of advertising a job you advertise your services and the clients will find you. Here you can create your data entry services package and offer it starting at $5.

Eventually, you can advance and get paid a higher amount for custom made packages.

6) Freelancer

Freelancer Logo

Freelancer is a bidding freelance jobs board where clients meet with workers.

Here, there is a huge number of clients who post data entry jobs at an hourly or fixed rate whereby you can bid accordingly.

Once you have placed a bid the client will interview you to determine whether you are qualified to handle the job then hire you.

7) Great American Opportunities

GAFunding Logo

Great American Opportunities offers various types of online opportunities such as online marketing as well as data entry.

If you are interested in data entry you will be hired as an independent contractor where you will be assigned tasks such as entering information from magazine order forms into a digital database.

Payments are made per processed form while pay rates depends on the type of the form. You will be paid directly via direct deposit.

8) Guru

Guru Logo

Guru is a freelance bidding website similar to freelancer. It has a separate category where you can find different type of data entry jobs.

All you need to do is register/ sign up, enter your details to complete your profile and start searching for data entry jobs that match your interests and skills.

10) Indeed


Indeed is one of the largest jobs board on the internet where you can find companies that have data entry opportunities.

Use the “will use the where and the what’ search boxes” to search for the location and the type of job you are looking for respectively.

You can narrow your results by using the experience level filter located on the left side of their website.

10) JobBoy


JobBoy is a micro tasks jobs board where individuals can add small free tasks or browse and work on the uploaded tasks.

Some of the common tasks include signing up on website or downloading apps but sometimes you can find data entry tasks.

The small jobs do not pay much but if you are consistent your earnings will add up quickly.

11) Microworkers

Microworkers Logo

Being a Microworker, you will be able to access small tasks and get compensated for your effort.

Microworkers has several categories where by those interested in data entry can focus on tasks such as image tagging, ads monitoring, image categorization and businesses research.

You can request your payout once have earned at least $9 which will be made via PayPal.

12) OneSpace

OneSpace Logo

OneSpace is a company that helps businesses to compile team of digital workers to handle various tasks.

Companies post online jobs such as data entry in the freelance work pool where individuals can accept the tasks that interests them.

You get paid immediately once your work has been approved.

13) SigTrack


SigTrack is trusted company that offers data entry jobs but that it does not hire throughout the year thus you should keep on checking whether they have an opening on a regular basis.

Once hired, you will be assigned tasks such as entering petition signatures and voter registration to a digital platform.

They you usually pay a percentage of the base value of the work assigned.

14) Smart Locating

Smartlocating Logo

Smart Locating regularly hires independent contractors to work on their data entry tasks.

Once hired you will be assigned data entry tasks which include researching apartment complexes and enter information about them to a digital database.

15) TDEC


TDEC occasionally offers various types of data entry jobs ranging from entry level to expert level.

Some of the tasks offered include entering data from surveys or scanned files into a digital database.

16) Smart Crowd

The Smart Crowd

The Smart Crowd which was previously referred to as Virtual Bee from Lionbridge is a small task site where you can find data entry jobs.

The tasks offered here include adding physical addresses, dates and emails to a digital database.

Most jobs are paid per key stroke such as 30 cents per 1,000 key strokes. Payments are made on a monthly basis.

17) Upwork

Upwork Logo

This can be rated as one of the fastest growing bidding jobs boards with jobs being posted every minute. Sign up as a writer and navigate to the data entry category to find a job that suits you best.

Upwork charges a fee per completed task but the fee lowers as you continue working for the same client.

18) Xerox

Xerox Logo

Xerox has been offering online jobs which include data entry for several years now.

The company normally have opening for data entry specialist who can work on data verification, categorization and enter processed data to a digital database.

19) Scribie

Scribie Logo

Scribie is a website that has been offering data entry jobs for several years now. Tasks offered here involve converting audio to written text.

Most jobs average about 6 minutes and you are a paid after every job has been approved via PayPal.

20) Online Jobs Free

Online Jobs Free

Online Jobs Free is work from home opportunity that offers a wide range of online jobs including data entry.

This platform will provide you at least 25 data entry jobs per day assuring you consistent income.

Each day they will send you a wide range of jobs depending on your skills and experience, making it perfect for individuals looking for data entry jobs from home.

21) Working Solutions

Working Solutions Logo

Working Solutions is an online jobs platform that was started back in 1996.

This platform offers both data entry and call center jobs allowing qualified agents to work on 2 to 3 projects at a time. You can earn about $7 to$30 per hour.

22) Vitac


Vitac is always looking for data entry clerks on a regular basis. You can submit your proposal by registering on their website.

You will need to able to type at least 50 words per minute or more. They have flexible working schedules and all tasks are handled online.

23) Cloud Crowd

CrowdSource Logo

Cloud Crowd is an online working platform that offers data entry openings to individuals all over the world.

You can sign up via your email or Facebook account and work at your convenience.

Payments are made upon project approval via PayPal

24) Speak Write

SpeakWrite Logo

Speak Write hires independent data entry clerks on regular basis. Once accepted as a clerk you can earn anywhere from $10 to $15 per hour.

Speak Write also allows you to set your own working hours therefore you can work on a full time or part time basis

25) Zirtual

Zirtual Logo

Zirtual is a great place where you can find data entry jobs online.

They handle clients from all over the world and offer work at various levels from entry to experienced level.

26) Integreon

Integreon Logo

Integreon is a company that has been offering online jobs which includes data entry jobs for several years now.

You have to undergo a vetting process in order to qualify for the listed tasks.

27) Data plus

DataPlus Logo

Data plus is an online company that have been offering data programming and data entry services since 1992.

They normally hire independent contractors to help them with the data entry job therefore if hired you will be responsible for your own taxes.

28) Assistant Match

AssistantMatch Logo

Assistant Match accept applications from talented and experienced virtual assistant s only.

Most of the work offered will be on part time basis and you can set your own working your hours. You need to apply online in order to get accepted.

29) Blue Zebra

Blue Zebra Appointment Setting Services

Blue Zebra offers unique type of data entry jobs which involves setting appointments as well as acting as an administrative assistant.

Once hired, you will be responsible for scheduling and recording appointments.

30) Caption Colorado

Recently acquired by Vitac this is a great place to earn extra money working on data entry projects.

It also offers other great benefits to high performing employees on top of their usual pay.

31) Tiger fish


Tiger Fish has built a great reputation by being a reliable company that pays attention to details and fully committed to satisfy its clients.

They normally have a wide range of data entry jobs at any given time.

32) Virtual Office Temps

Virtual Office Temps Logo

Virtual Office Temps is a company that links individuals looking for online data entry jobs from home with businesses looking for individuals to handle their data entry projects.

This company has been operational for several years and has linked thousands of job seeks to reputable hiring companies.

33) AccuTran

AccuTran Global Logo

AccuTran is a renowned company that was founded back in 2002 which hires individuals basing on their skill set and experience.

Since their establishment they have been offering various types of jobs data entry included.

Always keep an eye on their home page to check for opening especially if you are interested in a data entry position.

34) Amazon Mechanical Turk

AmazonMechanicalTurk Logo

Amazon Mechanical Turk is an online job board where you can find a wide range of micro tasks.

Online data entry jobs are the most popular here and you can work on any number of tasks to increase your earnings.

You can either redeem your earnings for gift cards or bank transfer.

35) 2Captcha

2Captcha Logo

Captcha writing is emerging as the leading entity in the data entry arena. Captcha writing jobs do not require any special skills thus suitable for all individuals from entry to professional level.

2Captcha offers unlimited capture writing jobs and will pay you $0.3 to $1.2 per 1000 captures.

36) Quicktate

Quicktate offers a variety of online jobs which include transcription, data recording, data entry, virtual assistance and much more.

You have to create a free account in order to work with them but they only hire experienced freelancers.

37) George Warehouse

St George Logistics

George Warehouse is a legitimate data entry company that hires on a regular basis.

Other than data entry, this company also offers other types of online jobs such as virtual assistants and online coordinators.

38) Birch Creek Communications

Birch Creek Communications primarily focuses on transcription services but also offers legit data entry jobs.

The application process is well detailed on their employment page which includes the requirements to qualify for the posted tasks.

You can either work on part time or full time basis depending on your availability.

39) Snagajob

Snagajob Logo

Snagajob is among the top offline and online jobs provider companies in the US.

They provide hundreds and hundreds of part time and full time jobs which include data entry jobs to individuals all over USA.

You do not have to pay any registration fee to find a job on Snagajob.

40) CrowdFlower

CrowdFlower Logo

If you are looking for online data entry jobs ClowdFlower is a great place to start. They offer various types of micro-tasks which include data entry and forms processing.

The micro-tasks do not pay much but with time you can build up your earnings.

41) Palm Coast Data

Palm Coast Data Logo

Palm Coast Data is a company that offers high tech end to end marketing solutions.

They offer services such as transaction processing, direct mail among other services thus they regularly hire data entry clerks to help them feed their bulk information into a digital data base.

42) Verba Link

Verbal_Ink Logo

Verba Link specializes in transcription and translation projects.

If you are perfect in communicating in multiple languages or have a high typing speed then here is a good place for earning extra income.

43) Etrascription Solutions

eTranscription Solutions Logo

Etrascription Solutions is a company that offers all kinds of transcription services.

They only accept highly skilled transcribers who can type at least 80 words per minute with high level of accuracy.

44) SK Data Entry Services

SK Data Entry

SK Data Entry Services is a company that offers all types of data entry services to clients from all over the world.

They are very skeptical when hiring since they are committed to maintaining high-level standards in the accuracy of their work while maintaining confidentiality and security of their clients’ information.

You have to be highly skilled and experienced in order to get hired.

45) Swagbucks

Swagbucks Logo

Swagbucks a company that pays individuals to handle various micro tasks such as taking surveys, playing games, online shopping, answering questions and data entry as well.

You can search the task that interests you on the search bar. You get paid via PayPal or gift cards

46) Ace Data Solutions Pvt Ltd

Ace Data Solutions

Ace Data Solutions Pvt Ltd which was previously referred to as Wan System is a company with a huge client base that hires freelancers regularly to work with  them on their daily projects.

You can as much as you can, depending on the project complexity and your working speed and accuracy.

47) Data Entry Bucks (Now a Scam)

Data entry bucks is a website where you can earn several hundred dollars doing small data entry tasks.

They have numerous clients with raw data that need to be organized. You get paid via PayPal or direct deposit.

48) DICT8

DICT8 Logo

DICT8 is an online solution company that hires freelancer based in UK only.

They hire freelancers from time to time, to help in completing tasks such as data entry and audio transcription among other data processing services.

49) ReedTech

ReedTech Logo

Reedtech is a company that offers a wide range of online solutions such as content management, business analytics as well as big database management and solutions.

They only hire skilled and experienced individuals due to the complexity of their work. You can apply for data entry job by completing an application form on their careers page.

50) Cassinfo


Cassinfo a legitimate company that offers data entry jobs to individuals in specific location.

However, you have to work onsite for 90 days before transitioning to working online.

So, these are the list of top 50 companies that offers online data entry jobs (as of the time of updating this article).

Pick a couple of companies you see and start applying for data entry jobs and hopefully, you’ll get a call up like I did when I first got started.

What I’ll suggest you do is go through freelancing portals like Upwork, Guru, and Freelancer, search for data entry jobs, and start applying.

You’ll likely get started quicker than other companies listed. When you’ve got more space and time, you can start applying through jobs portals like Indeed and the rest.

If you are a stay at home mom, student or any other person with plenty of idle time you can look for data entry jobs from the above companies and earn an extra income.

Some jobs require special skills and training while others can be handled by anyone with basic computer skills.

Despite your skills and experience, you can find a job that suits you best and earn an extra income.

If you are kinda lost, you can check this article that extensively list the top 10 online jobs I recommend.

Please do not forget to drop your comments below.

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